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Instantly Create Rent Manager service tickets and notes  from your Outlook or Gmail, including attachments.

Property Management is a business of minutes and pennies. Aargh’s EMAIL2CRM Software can help you save both. See immediate efficiencies while increasing your service quality.


Why is Single Source of Truth (SSOT) important in Property Management?

If you want to get started, just Activate Aargh Software from your Admin|Integrations pane in Rent Manager 
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Email Integration for Rent Manager

Get Email out of your Inbox and into Rent Manager! 

Aargh Software’s EMAIL2CRM Suite is a back-office workhorse that saves your staff precious hours they could use to be serving tenants.

Let your Admins and Property Managers easily create and automatically assign service tickets, as well as attach notes to tenant, properties, owners, and vendors, including PDFs, JPGs, XLS, Docs etc. All from the comfort of Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or any other email system your firm uses. 

Increase Service Ticket Usage in Rent Manager by 143%*

Create a single source of data in Rent Manager. With little training curve and HUGE impact, you’ll see tremendous growth in the number of service tickets your staff creates and manages.

* 143% increase over 4 months in our test case. Results will vary of course; but staff tend to take to it like bears on honey because it makes their lives so much easier.

For Rent Manager Users That Use Outlook or Gmail

If you’re interested, let us know.

Getting started with Email2CRM is easy, using it is easier. Once you get going, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. 

If you have any questions before you activate Email2CRM, just click on the button to submit a short form.

EMAIL2CRM is A Full Suite Of Tools To Support Your Property Management Team

Aargh Software Email2Ticket Software Product Logo Email to RentManager

Send, forward, cc: or bcc: an email from any email inbox to create a service ticket with a tenant or to create tasks.

Aargh Software Email2Tenant Software Product Logo Email to RentManager

Send an email with attachments to create a note in Rent Manager Tenant accounts, Units, and Rental Prospects.

Aargh Software Email2Owner Software Product Logo Email to RentManager

Send an email with attachments to create a note in Rent Manager to Owners, Owner Prospects and Properties.

Aargh Software Email2Vendor Software Product Logo Email to RentManager

Send an email with attachments to create a note in Rent Manager for Vendors as well as adding Estimates, Bills, & P.O.'s.

Aargh Software Email2Ticket Software Product Logo Email to RentManager

Automagically Create Rent Manager Service Tickets By Emailing From Microsoft Outlook Or Google Gmail.​

Stop your staff from flipping back and forth between their email and RentManager.


“Aargh!!! I do all my email communicating in Outlook and it doesn’t talk to Rent Manager,” no one will ever say again. 

With Email2Ticket, you can BCC: or forward an email from your inbox to RentManager to instantly create a service ticket for the correct tenant/unit/property, with all attachments. AND, it is assigned to you as a Service Issue to manage and track in Rent Manager.

It’s a simple as this example. Pat is replying to a Tenant, and BCC:’ing Aarghsoftware.com email to send it to a queue to be processed and put into Rent Manager.

EMAIL2RentManager Microsoft Outlook Screenshot Aargh Software to Rent Manager email integration

Typical property management firms waste 10 days a month shuffling between emails and Rent Manager. *

* On average, a busy Property Administrator (PA) will take care of 100 service tickets and owner/board/tenant/vendor communications per month, many with several notes and attachments that need to be managed and stored.

We figure it takes on average 4 minutes per service ticket item or history/note for your PA's to manually receive an email, go into RentManager, create the service ticket, find the customer and property, paste the email service request, save and ...

... then go back to the email, save attachments to a directory on your local drive, switch back to RentManager, go to upload manager to bring the files into RentManager and assign them to the service ticket.

It takes milliseconds for the Property Administrator to do the same thing with Aarghsoft. They bcc: RentManager when they send an email to a client or forward it. That's all. It automagically shows up in the right place in RentManager.

* 100 service tickets per month X 4 Minutes = 400 minutes / 60 = 6.7 hours per staff member. For an average firm with 12 staff using Rent Manager regularly, this is 10 days of your team's time every month.

Better Customer Service In Seconds

Save tons of time every month, keep better client records in RentManager and improve customer service. Priceless.

Staff should be helping owners and tenants, not fussing around with RentManager. 

Aarghsoft products are designed to be easily implemented, easily used, and have an immediate impact on your business.

Your team will thank you!