Press Release: 250,000 Emails Processed by Aargh Software for Property Managers

Aargh Software Celebrates Processing 250,000 Emails for Property Managers using Rent Manager

Calgary, Canada March 15 2024 – Aargh Software, a leading provider of Rent Manager email automation software, announced today that they have processed 250,000 emails with Aargh email servers for clients in the U.S. and Canada.

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Rent Manager is a powerful property management software that enables property managers to efficiently manage their properties and tenants.

Managing emails in Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, Apple Mail, etc… is a time-consuming process. Property Management companies use email for communication to/from many stakeholders: residents, owners, boards, trades, maintenance staff, lawyers, municipal governments, realtors, et al, as well as internal staff.

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Entering information and attachments into Rent Manager as History/Notes and Service Tickets is a manual process, is time-consuming, and prone to error (or not being done at all).

This is where Email2CRM comes in, with a simple solution that automates email processing and gets emails “out of your inbox and into Rent Manager.”

Notify!!! sends automated service update emails to residents; approximately 5.4 emails are sent per service ticket processed by Aargh.

The growing number of Property Management firms that use Aargh Software delivers better resident service with no extra effort by staff.

“We are thrilled to have processed 250,000 emails for property managers using Rent Manager,” said Stephen King, President of Aargh Software. “Our software has helped property managers save about 7000 hours and 1000 days of manual work and improve their overall efficiency.”

Aargh Software’s email automation software integrates seamlessly with Rent Manager, enabling property managers to automate their email workflows.

Aargh Software processes 250000 emails and saves property management firms 7000 hours and 1000 days of time

Aargh’s Email2CRM turns a tedious manual 3 minute task of dealing with incoming email into 3 seconds. Using Aargh Software’s unique technology approach, Email2CRM users simply Forward, CC: or BCC: to their custom email addresses, and Aargh handles the rest: creating service tickets or history/notes, automatically uploading attachments, and updating settings like category. See more here: www.aarghsoftware.com/email2crm

Aargh’s NOTIFY!!! software sends automated emails to residents every time a service ticket is updated by a property management team — this means residents receive better communication with no extra effort by your staff. Approximately 5.4 emails get automatically sent PER service ticket processed by the property management team. See more here: www.aarghsoftware.com/notify

“Developed after of 10 years of using and developing for Rent Manager, we’re excited that we’re seeing good user adoption,” says Stephen King, President. “Having been a Silver sponsor of RMUC in Dallas, Colorado Springs, and Florida has brought clients to us from coast to coast.”

Aargh Software’s email automation software has been well-received with many firms reporting time savings and improved efficiency. It’s become a key part of their technology adoption roadmap.

For more information about Rent Manager and its property management software, please visit www.rentmanager.com

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Stephen King, President, Aargh Software, stephen@aarghsoftware.com

Peter Best CEO, Aargh Software peter@aarghsoftware.com