2,688 Hours Saved By Aargh Users In The Last Year

We are very excited that the Aargh Software User Community saved 2,688 hours (about 67 weeks) of wasted redundant admin time since last year at this time!
There have been 24,836 service tickets and 26,331 history/notes created.
We’ve calculated that it takes about 3 minutes to create a service ticket manually from the contents of an email (on average).
With Email2CRM, it takes about 3 seconds, giving about 2:57 minutes of savings per service ticket or history/note.
The beta testers of NOTIFY!!! (our new product … coming soon, stay tuned!) had 15,502 Notifications sent. This saves about 30 seconds every time your staff touch a service ticket in Rent Manager. 
Aargh User Community Stats Oct 2022