3 Steps To Significantly Improve Tenant Service [Video]

Aargh Software on Rent Manager’s Tech Tuesday: 3 Steps To Significantly Improve Tenant Service

We joined Rent Manager for a Tech Tuesday to introduce how technology and processes can make an impact on the effectiveness of your service team. 

It’s now a course available on Rent Manager University. The easiest way to find it is to type “Aargh” into the search.

Aargh Software on Rent Manager Tech Tuesday for service tips ... screenshot showing typing Aargh into the search in RMU

“Property managers across North America are facing a new reality of increased service requests, impatient tenants and owners, frustrated trades, and heightened litigation.”

Peter Best, President/Broker of Magnum York Property Management, has been on the leading edge of technology adoption, integration, and connectivity with Rent Manager for over ten years.

He and his partner, Stephen King, join us in this Tech Tuesday to introduce Aargh Software’s Email2CRM Rent Manager integration for Outlook and Gmail. Join us for discussions and demonstrations on how to create a better, more efficient tenant service experience leveraging technology, training, and ticketing.

This course will cover:

  • How to use custom email addresses to forward or blind carbon copy emails and automatically create service tickets and history/notes for prospects, tenants, units, properties, owners, and vendors.
  • The importance of getting your data together and utilize “Single Source” data.
  • Ways to use service measurement and benchmarking to monitor profitability on an ongoing basis.
  • A demonstration of Aargh Software’s seamless integration with Rent Manager