How to make sure emails from Aargh Software don’t go into your SPAM folder

“Your email went into my SPAM folder” is something we hear from time to time from our clients. It’s important to make sure emails from Aargh get into your inbox by making Aargh Software a “Safe Sender.”

Having emails going into your SPAM folder is annoying, or worse, you may miss something important. While we do everything we can to ensure safe delivery to your main inbox, for the most part, it’s out of our hands. But there are a few things you can do in your Outlook or Gmail.

Make sure Aargh Software is a “Safe Sender” in Outlook or Gmail

All email systems have some type of way to identify that the Sender is “safe” to receive emails from.

In Microsoft Outlook, to make sure Aargh Software email is a “Safe Sender,” follow these techniques.

Never block sender Outlook for Aargh Software
The easiest way to ensure our email get in your Outlook inbox and not Spam? When you see an email from us, click on Home|Junk|Never Block Sender in the Home Top Menu.
To specifically add single or multiple email addresses in Outlook to Safe Sender list? First, click on Home|Junk|Junk Email Options
Once you open Home|Junk|Junk Email Options, you can specifically add an email address as a “safe sender”

In Google Gmail, to make sure Aargh Software email is a “Safe Sender,” follow these instructions.

  1. On your computer, open Gmail
  2. On the left list of folders, select Spam (click on “More” if you don’t see it)
  3. Right-click on the desiered email message and select “Not Spam”
    Open the desired email message. At the top of the page, select Not spam
  4. The message will be moved to your inbox. And hopefully, future ones will as well
In Gmail, if you click on a name and then select “Add to contacts” … all future emails from the Aargh Software email address will be considered coming from a Contact and will appear in your inbox.

Why does Aargh Software email go to my Spam Folder in the first place?

Although we follow strict guidelines to help ensure appropriate delivery of email to you and to ensure it’s coming from a trusted source — it’s beyond our control as to whether your email system (and all the technology layers in between) will identify it as SPAM. If you’re interested in the complexities, enjoy this link:

Fortunately, using the Safe Sender processes above, you can avoid any vital information from your property manager being re-routed incorrectly to your SPAM folder.

Where does the term “SPAM” come from?

Where does the term “SPAM” come from? Hilariously … A Monty Python sketch! Have a look at this video: