Announcing our new software: NOTIFY!!!

Simple Automated Resident Service Emails

Automatically communicate with your residents to keep them updated on the progress of their service issues.

Residents are more anxious and frustrated than ever. “You guys are terrible property managers. No one ever tells me whats happening.”

Your team is working hard, but don’t have the time to update residents with every single step.

NOTIFY!!! does this for you.

When you CREATE, UPDATE, or CLOSE a service ticket in Rent Manager, NOTIFY!!! automatically sends an email to the resident with the latest info.

Your staff communicate simply with residents using the “Resolution” field. Every time you press “Save” on a Service Ticket, make sure you enter a message into the “Resolution” field. It’s like their emailing the client with their updated info AND managing the service ticket at the same time. 

Provide exceptional resident service communication with noextra effort by your team. 

Unique “Re-Open” link on Closed Service Ticket emails

One of the most frustrating things that residents go through when receiving an email telling them an issue is closed is when the service hasn’t been performed to the resident’s satisfaction.

“No, the service issue isn’t closed. The toilet is still leaking on the floor!”

With NOTIFY!!!, they simply click on the “Re-Open” link in their email, and Aargh re-opens the service issue in Rent Manager for your staff to resolve.

Frictionless resident service resolution makes for happier residents.