Author: Stephen King

Customize Your Notify Automatic Email Templates Aargh’s Notify!!! software automatically sends personalized “Created, Updated, and Closed” emails to residents based on the progress of their service ticket. Aargh clients using Notify!!! get set up to use the default templates for each of the emails (see below). They work well right “out of the box.” Aargh […]

Get help to manage your account As we build out the functionality in our logged-in experience of your Aargh software, you can currently access: Orders Subscription details Your address Payment methods Account details like your name, email address and password Have you forgot your password or never accessed your account? Changing your credit card details […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aargh Software Celebrates Processing 100,000 Emails for Property Managers using Rent Manager Calgary, Canada – Aargh Software, a leading provider of Rent Manager email automation software, announced today that they have processed 100,000 emails with Aargh email servers for clients in the U.S. and Canada. Schedule a half-hour chat to see what […]

We’ve reduced our prices for Email2CRM software by 25%. You’ll find our new pricing here: https://www.aarghsoftware.com/pricing-how-to-buy   Why did we decrease our prices? Over the past year, we’ve gone through several coding iterations and refactoring of our back-end email servers (amongst other things). Server refactoring helps us continue to scale as our user community grows — over 50,000 […]