Deflation! Email2CRM prices reduced by 25%

We’ve reduced our prices for Email2CRM software by 25%.
You’ll find our new pricing here: https://www.aarghsoftware.com/pricing-how-to-buy 
Why did we decrease our prices?
Over the past year, we’ve gone through several coding iterations and refactoring of our back-end email servers (amongst other things).
Server refactoring helps us continue to scale as our user community grows — over 50,000 service tickets and history/notes have been created by Aargh users as of this writing.
The work we do on our servers not only helps with handling a higher volume of processing. It also helps us deliver emails from your inbox to Rent Manager more efficiently.  
Passing savings on to our users.
Times are tough. As our systems have become more efficient, we wanted to pass the $savings on to our users. 
Thanks for being our client.