Use [RentManagerUserID] to Dispatch a Service Ticket to other Rent Manager Users from your Email

We’ve added a new Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier to allow you to create a service ticket and have it automatically assigned to the other User.

This new feature allows you to “dispatch” to another Rent Manager user when you create a service ticket.

This is useful if:

  • As a manager or owner, you have a team of people who work for your properties, such as an admin or accounting staff.
  • you have staff who triage emails; some firms will have admins who process emails and create service tickets on behalf of the rest of the service team.

All you need to do is include a valid Rent Manager User Id in square brackets in the Subject field of the email you’re sending to 2ticket; e.g. [mworth]

If Aargh recognizes the UserId in your Rent Manager instance, it will create the service ticket (with attachments) and assign the service ticket to the specific user.

Prior to this enhancement, you could only create service tickets for yourself. (and then re-assign them in Rent Manager if you needed to).

Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it. In this example, Pat is sending an email to John, and at the same time BCC:’ing 2Ticket in order to create a service ticket. By default, this Rent Manager service ticket would be assigned to Pat, but because she put Mary’s Rent Manager UserID in the subject line with square brackets “[mworth]”, Aargh assigns it to Mary Worth instead.

Dispatch a service ticket from an email to a Rent Manager UserId