New! Use [propertyshort@unit#] to Create a Service Ticket for the Resident at that Address

Since we created Email2CRM, you’ve always been able to forward an email to Rent Manager using a residents [emailaddress] in the Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier. Aargh’s Email2CRM then finds the resident in Rent Manager using the email, creates (or appends) to the service ticket, and does a reverse look up to get the unit and property.

As of the latest release, you can put [propertyshort@unit#] in the Subject-Line when creating a service ticket using 2Ticket… 

Aargh’s Email2CRM finds the Property and Unit#, does a reverse lookup to get the residents email address, and creates the service attached to that resident.

We did this a year ago for Tenant and Units (https://aarghsoftware.com/blog/use-propertyidunit-to-add-a-history-note-to-a-tenant-or-unit/), so it’s good to do it for Service Tickets as well.

Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it. In this example, Pat is forwarding an email to 2Ticket. By using [NORTHEREASTER@52] in the subject line, Email2CRM will create the service ticket, find the Property called “NORTHEASTER”, find unit 52, and look up the resident email address and personal information to be included in the service ticket.

Create a Rent manager ticket using an email with property name and unit number in the shortcode Aargh