Streamline Resident Service: AutoAdmin Creates Rent Manager Service Issues from Your Info@ Inbox

Enhancing Resident Service Efficiency: A Key to Property Management Firm Profitability

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest feature in Aargh’s Email2CRM software: AutoAdmin.

For most property management firms, the general info@ email address is a common point of contact, a lot of times appearing on a website home page or “Contact Us” page. Instead of burdening administrators with the task of manually sifting through these emails and creating service tickets, Email2CRM’s AutoAdmin feature streamlines the process. As soon as an email arrives in your @info inbox, AutoAdmin generates a Rent Manager service ticket and marks the email as unread.

(btw, if your “Contact Us” webpage is a form to submit and not an info@ email address, you can automate that form to create a Rent Manager service ticket with our Web2CRM software)

By leveraging AutoAdmin, your administrators can spend more time within Rent Manager and less time navigating various platforms. This feature seamlessly integrates with other Email2CRM functionalities and email addresses, enhancing resident service workflow and communication.

AutoAdmin replaces the need for some users to set up an “Auto-forward Rule” in their Outlook or Gmail for their @info inbox. Unlike the error-prone auto-forwarding approach, AutoAdmin ensures efficient email routing.

Getting Started with AutoAdmin

Getting started with AutoAdmin is straightforward. Set it up quickly in Aargh Software by providing your @info Email server URL, the two ports for incoming and outgoing email, and your username/password.

Once configured, Email2CRM will monitor your info@ email inbox, automatically creating and assigning service tickets when new emails arrive.

Empower Your Staff

Our ultimate goal is to empower admins and property managers to handle resident service exclusively within Rent Manager. Whether service requests originate from the PWA portal, Aargh Software emails, web forms, or your own @info inbox, staff can efficiently process issues without switching to other software.

Improve Resident Service With Less Effort

We were recently featured in Rent Manager’s Integration Newsletter, “Aargh Software Saves Client 936 hours of Admin Time.”

See the Aargh Case Study and Video here: https://aarghsoftware.com/case-study/ 

“Learn how the adoption of three Aargh Software Solutions saved a Rent Manager customer approximately 30 weeks of manual admin time, automated 30,000 property related transactions, and streamlined their entire service ticket process.”

For optimal resident service efficiency in Rent Manager, consider adopting all three of our solutions:

  1. Email2CRM: Simplify Incoming Email Management. Instantly create Rent Manager Service Tickets and History/Notes from Outlook or Gmail emails, including attachments. Our AutoAdmin function reduces the task time from three minutes to zero by managing your firm’s @info email inbox.
  2. Web2CRM: Create Service Tickets From Web Forms. Replace PDF forms with an intuitive HTML web form on your website. Web2CRM processes form submissions and generates Rent Manager service tickets.
  3. NOTIFY!!!: Automatic Resident Service Emails. Enhance communication and reduce service complaints. Whenever a staff member saves a service issue in Rent Manager, Aargh automatically sends personalized “Created, Updated, & Closed” emails to residents based on ticket progress. Better resident service without leaving RM Service Manager.