Use [PropertyShortName@Unit#] to Add a History/Note to a Tenant or Unit

We’ve added a new Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier to allow you to add a History|Note to a Tenant.

This is a new addition … prior to this, you could only attach a note to a tenant (using 2Tenant) by using the email address in square brackets in the subject line to add the History|Note it to the right tenant record.

Our users told us that sometimes they can’t remember the tenant email address living there (well, a lot of the time), but can remember the property and unit #.

With this new enhancement, you can include the Property Shortname and Unit # in square brackets as a Subject-Line Short Code modifier.

Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it. In this example, Pat is forwarding an email to 2Tenant. Pat could use the tenant’s [emailaddress] as a Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier, but chose to use the [propertyshortname@unit#], because she was more familiar with it.

Add a note to a tenant in Rent Manager using the property shortname and unit number

Combine 2Tenant and 2Unit if you need to add the same History|Note to both

In the example below, Pat wants to add the water damage information to both the  tenant and the unit. 

She directs the email by using [KP391@24] as the Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier.

Aargh Email2CRM will find the the tenant living at that unit and add it as a History|Note, and then also add the email to the unit.