Use [ServiceTicket#] to Add a History/Note to an Existing Service Ticket

We’ve added a new Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier to allow you to add a History|Note to an existing service ticket.

This is a new addition … prior to this, you could only create a brand new service ticket with the email.

But, of course, you may get one or several emails that pertain to that service ticket.

With this new enhancement, you can include the Service Ticket # in square brackets as a Subject-Line Short Code modifier.

Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it. In this example, Pat is forwarding an email to 2Ticket. If Pat didn’t put the service ticket # in the subject-line, Email2CRM would create a brand new service ticket. But, since she put the service ticket number as a Subject-Line Shortcode Modifier, Email2CRM will find the service ticket, and then attach the email contents as a history/note. The attachment will be added as well, of course.

Add a history note to an existing service ticket in Rent Manager with service issue number as the subject line shortcode modifier