Case Study: 84% of Property Management Firm Service Tickets created Aargh Software

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In this case study, we’re showcasing a client who is a full-service property management firm with a 20-year history, spanning four locations, managing 7,500 units, and employing a team of 25 admins, PMs and accountants. 

As a 14-year user of Rent Manager, this property manager has adopted three of our software solutions over the last few years: Email2CRM, Notify!!!, and Web2CRM.

Aargh saved 936 hours of admin time last year

In addition to consolidating all resident data in Rent Manager, and seeing an increase in the usage of Service Manager, the firm discovered significant time savings. 

Approximately 30-Weeks of manual admin time was saved last year by the firm. To calculate this, Aargh Software uses the following metrics:

  • Email2CRM saves approximately 3 minutes per Service Ticket or History/Note created. See the video “3 Seconds vs. 3 Minutes” for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7JBUsRLA5s
  • Web2CRM saves about 2.5 minutes per form submitted.
  • Notify!!! saves 30 seconds per email sent.

Aargh automated 30,000 property transactions

The firm has slowly adopted all of Aargh’s software solutions for Rent Manager, seeing improved success annually. Our software now facilitates approximately 30,000 interactions annually with residents, units, owners, and properties. This includes:

  • Service Issues created from emails
  • History/Notes created from emails
  • Service Issues created from forms on the firm’s website by Web2CRM
  • Resident Service emails sent automatically by Notify!!!

Aargh created 84% of all service tickets in Rent Manager

Residents use a variety of ways to submit service issues and information requested. The TWA portal is very popular with residents who are comfortable with logging in and using the application. 

The firm has email that is coming into all the staff’s inboxes, and by using Email2CRM, they’ve seen a big increase in creating service tickets.

Aargh’s Web2CRM software is used on the firm’s website; simple HTML forms that can be modified to suit any purpose, and with a simple [Submit] are posted into Rent Manager as a Service Ticket.

Aargh Email2CRM and Web2CRM save between 2 to 3 minutes per service ticket for the people having to create them in Rent Manager. 

The firm saw a 663% increase in service ticket usage over 4 years

Since 2020, the firm has been adopting Aargh Software tools, training staff, and ensuring procedures are in place for residents to self-serve with service requests.

By having all the service requests in Rent Manager, the firm is able to build processes and tracking to service management, and be able to historically see all communications and attachments with residents.


Staff created the same amount of History/Notes from their email as Service Issues

About 50% of the usage of Email2CRM is for creating service tickets from email.

Staff used Email2CRM to use their email to create about the same amount of History/Notes in Rent Manager. 

The top 2 uses of creating History/Notes from email were for Owners and Tenants.

46% of all service issues in Rent Manager came from a website form

This firm has ten different forms on its website for use by residents. When submitted, each form goes through Aargh’s Web2CRM software, where the information is parsed, the resident/unit is found, and a service ticket is created.

  • Service Maintenance forms for 4 locations
  • PAP Pre-Authorized Payment form
  • Strata/Condo Owner update form
  • Collections form
  • Email consent form
  • Intercom, FOB, & Tag Registration

These stats do not include any property-specific forms, such as parking & pet applications, elevator booking, elevator requests, etc… 

Notify!!! automatically sent 5.4 emails per service ticket

The firm has been using Notify!!! for several years to automatically communicate with residents based on the progress of their service tickets.

On average, Notify!!! sent 5.4 emails to the resident per service ticket created.

Aargh User Community Stats

Aargh servers have processed over 250,000 emails and saved firms over 7000 hours of admin time. Thanks to all our users from coast to coast.*

Aargh 250000 emails milestone community stats, over 1000 days saved
service tickets created
history|notes attached
# DAYS of admin time saved by Aargh Users
* as of Mar 15, 2024. Approx. 3 min savings per Email2CRM email, 0.5 min savings for each NOTIFY!!! email.