CSV2EFT Easy CPA-005 Bank EFT for Canadian Property Managers

Aargh's CSV2EFT converts CSV spreadsheet files to create multiple-origination CPA005 and ACH files for EFT submission to banks.

Canadian Property Managers working with multiple properties can easily submit a single “Multiple Origination” CPA-005 standard EFT file.

For Canadian Property Managers and Financial Firms

Revolutionize your transaction management with CSV2EFT – the easiest EFT solution tailored for Canadian Property Managers and Financial Institutions.

Effortless Integration: Seamlessly export a CSV file containing all necessary transactions from your CRM.

Streamlined Process: With just a few clicks, upload your CSV file to Aargh, and let us handle the complexity. We transform your data into the CPA-005 format, ensuring compatibility and ease of use with your banking institution.

"Why should we use Aargh for our EFT Filings?"

As a Canadian Software company, Aargh has a history of handling high-volume automation for property managers. The Aargh team has extensive experience in the Canadian tax and financial software industry, and first-hand experience with Condo/Strata Broker requirements.

CSV2EFT simplifies the EFT process engagement with your firm with accurate conversion of your CSV file that includes all your properties into a single CPA-005 multiple origination file suitable for all banks in Canada.