Email2CRM Email Integration for Rent Manager

Email2CRM allows you to use Outlook or Gmail to instantly create service tickets and history/notes for tenants, units, properties, owners & vendors, including attachments.

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Get out of your Inbox and into Rent Manager

Turn a 3-minute task into 3 seconds. You’ll see immediate benefits. And it’s so easy! Check out the video. 

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"The number of service tickets in Rent Manager increased by 153% in just four months!"

With little training curve and HUGE impact, you’ll see tremendous growth in the number of service tickets your staff creates and manages.

In addition to Service Tickets, Email2CRM allows your team to send emails to Rent Manager to create history/notes for tenants, units, properties, owners, vendors and more.

This comprehensive use of data offers many advantages, also known as "Single Source of Truth."

Increase Service Quality

Having all your service issues managed through Rent Manager allows for better service tracking, history, attachments, and management, as well as enabling quick response from staff.

Less Effort & Fewer Mistakes

We estimate that it takes 3 minutes (or longer) to create a service ticket manually. With Email2CRM, it's 3 SECONDS. So, no wasted time flipping between screens, re-typing things and less mistakes, too!

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Efficient Team Collaboration

Using Email2CRM to get your individual staff members "Out of their inbox and In to Rent Manager," means everyone can quickly review service ticket history, and staff can see what the left hand and right hand are doing.

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Reduce Risk To Your Business

Having all your data in a "single-source" allows you to have an auditable history of your client service ... available for escalation of issues, management review, or easy to access should you need to prepare a legal response.

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A Quick "How-To"

Create A Rent Manager Service Tickets By Bcc:’ing From Microsoft Outlook Or Google Gmail.

Stop your staff from flipping back and forth between their email and RentManager.


“Aargh!!! I do all my email communicating in Outlook and it doesn’t talk to Rent Manager,” no one will ever say again. 

With Email2Ticket, you can BCC: or forward an email from your inbox to RentManager to instantly create a service ticket for the correct tenant/unit/property, with all attachments.

It’s a simple as this example. Pat is replying to a Tenant, and BCC:’ing Aarghsoftware.com email to send it to a queue to be processed and put into Rent Manager.

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Client Testimonial

“It took only about a half hour for our staff to ‘get’ EMAIL2CRM. The number of service tickets in Rent Manager inceased by 153% in just four months. In addition to service tickets, there are many more history/notes for our tenants/units/properties/owners & vendors! We have better service tracking, better team collaboration, better customer service, and happier tenants. That makes me happy. We can’t live without it now.”
~ Peter Best, President/Broker,Magnum York Property Management, Associa (... and CEO of Aargh)