Notify!!! Automatic Resident Service Emails

Notify Logo Automated Resident Service Emails for Rent Manager retro pop art style

Notify!!! automatically sends personalized “Created, Updated, and Closed” emails to residents based on the progress of their service ticket.

More Communication. Less Effort.

Screen capture of Rent Manager Service Issue Service Ticket Save and Close
Every time your team clicks [Save] or [Save & Close] on a Rent Manager Service Issue, Notify!!! checks to see if something has been added or changed, and will send an email to the resident with the details.

Your staff can use the "Description" and "Resolution" fields to add personalized notes.

New Service Ticket

Updated Service Ticket

Service Ticket Closed

Works Great in Dark Mode

To help ensure 5-Star service, our Closed Email includes a “Re-Open” Service Ticket link which allows residents to resolve their issues smoothly.

Man relaxing pop art graphic notify on screen for Rent Manager

“There are no tenants screaming at me anymore, so Notify!!! must be working!”

Alex Casuga
Branch Manager, Associa Inc.