Aargh Software Pricing

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Small Firm

Less than 10 people in one locatrion
$ 275
  • Up to 10 employees / users
  • 1 set of email addresses
  • 1 location

Mid-Sized Firm

Between 10 and 29 people
$ 345
  • Between 10 and 29 people
  • Up to 2 sets of email address
  • Up to 2 locations


30 to 100 people
$ 415
  • 30 to 100 employees
  • Multiple sets of email addresses available
  • Multiple Locations
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You'll need to Activate Email2CRM in Rent Manager, too.

In order to get started, we’ll need access to your Rent Manager API. To do this, just activate Aargh Software from Rent Manager; click below for details.

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