Trust2File streamlines bare trust T3 compliance for Canadian Property Managers. To start with Trust2File, your order “pre-pays” the first T3 Trust Return and sets up your account. Subsequent invoicing will take place for the bulk of your order.



Trust2File streamlines the complex process of bare trust T3 compliance for property management portfolios, addressing the recent CRA requirements set forth by Bill C-32.

Canadian Property Managers must now file T3 and Section 15 forms for all brokerage trust accounts and shared corporate bank accounts.

  1. Standardized Spreadsheet Templates: Extract accurate data from your systems effortlessly, or manually input the necessary information.
  2. Bulk Corporate Processing: Engagement Letter and T183trust-23e to be signed by PM
  3. T3Trust Account Creation: We facilitate the setup of all your property T3 Trust account numbers with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  4. T3-RET Trust Return and S15 Schedule Preparation: Trust2File ensures compliance by preparing the appropriate forms with the required data.
  5. Efficient Document Distribution: Receive the completed T3-RET in PDF format, ready for storage and distribution to condo boards, owners, and other stakeholders.
  6. Seamless eFiling: Trust2File automates the eFiling of your T3-RET return directly with the CRA, in bulk, resulting in cost savings.
  7. T3Assessment Management: We receive and distribute the T3 Assessment.

To get started with Trust2File, this order “pre-pays” your first T3 Trust Return and helps us manage onboarding. Subsequent invoicing will take place for the bulk of your order.