Trust2File streamlines bare trust T3 compliance for Canadian Property Managers. To start with Trust2File, your order “pre-pays” the first T3 Trust Return and sets up your account. Subsequent invoicing will take place for the bulk of your order.

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Trust2File streamlines the complex process of bare trust T3 compliance for property management portfolios, addressing the recent CRA requirements set forth by Bill C-32.

Canadian Property Managers must now file T3 and Section 15 forms for all brokerage trust accounts and shared corporate bank accounts.

  1. Standardized Spreadsheet Templates: Extract accurate data from your systems effortlessly, or manually input the necessary information.
  2. Bulk Corporate Processing: Engagement Letter and T183trust-23e to be signed by PM
  3. T3Trust Account Creation: We facilitate the setup of all your property T3 Trust account numbers with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  4. T3-RET Trust Return and S15 Schedule Preparation: Trust2File ensures compliance by preparing the appropriate forms with the required data.
  5. Efficient Document Distribution: Receive the completed T3-RET in PDF format, ready for storage and distribution to condo boards, owners, and other stakeholders.
  6. Seamless eFiling: Trust2File automates the eFiling of your T3-RET return directly with the CRA, in bulk, resulting in cost savings.
  7. T3Assessment Management: We receive and distribute the T3 Assessment.

To get started with Trust2File, this order “pre-pays” your first T3 Trust Return and helps us manage onboarding. Subsequent invoicing will take place for the bulk of your order.