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dispatch,auto-complete and User assignment

December 29, 2021

It has been crazy around here since the Rent Manager conference in Colorado Springs. We’ve been busy talking with new clients, setting users up, getting our onboarding processes worked out, and generally smoothing out some kinks in the software.

It was nice to sit back over Christmas break and work on some of the fixes and features everyone has been asking for. If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions for Aargh Software, please complete this quick survey: https://forms.gle/CJkKFdejqbi58obr5  

There are 3 big pieces in this Holiday Release of Aargh Software:

  1. Dispatch to another Rent Manager User using 2Ticket to create a service ticket and have it automatically assigned to the other User.
  2. When using 2Tenant, attach a note to a Tenant based on the [PropertyName@Unit#]
  3. Auto-Completion of Unit # and Property in a Service Ticket when a Tenant email address is found

Check out the details:

1. Dispatch using 2Ticket to create a service ticket for another Rent Manager user.

This new feature allows you to “dispatch” to another Rent Manager user when you create a service ticket.

All you need to do is include [RentManagerUserId] in the Subject field of the email you’re sending to 2ticket. If Aargh recognizes the UserId in your Rent Manager instance, it will create the service ticket (with attachments) and assign the service ticket to the specific user.

Prior to this enhancement, you could only create service tickets for yourself. (and then re-assign them in Rent Manager if you needed to).

Here’s a screenshot showing how to do it. In this example, Pat is sending an email to John, and at the same time BCC:’ing 2Ticket in order to create a service ticket. By default, this Rent Manager service ticket would be assigned to Pat, but because she put Mary’s Rent Manager UserID in the subject line with square brackets “[mworth]”, Aargh assigns it to Mary instead.

Dispatch a service ticket from an email to a Rent Manager UserId

2. Attach a note to a Tenant based on the [PropertyName@Unit#]

When forwarding an email to attach a note to a tenant (using 2Tenant), putting the email address in square brackets in the subject directs it to the right tenant record.

Sometimes you can’t remember the tenant email address (well, a lot of the time), but you sure can remember the property and unit #.

With this new enhancement, you can include the Property Shortname and Unit # in square brackets. Aargh software will create the service ticket with that information, and also auto-complete the email address.

Like this:

Attach a note to a tenant in Rent Manager using the property name and unit # number

3. Auto-Completion of Unit # and Property in a Service Ticket when a Tenant email address is found

When Aargh software processes an email, it looks at the address of the “To:” field as well as any email addresses in the subject line in square brackets, e.g. “johntenant@whatever.com”.

With this latest enhancement, when sending to 2ticket to create a service ticket … Aargh will find the email address AND it will also assign the unit #and respective property in the service ticket. Bammm!

Rent Manager Service Issue Screenshot RMX browser


November 9, 2021
Version 1.13

Amazing Rent Manager Conference at Colorado Springs. We’ve cleaned the software up a bit since our last post. Just in time to start onboarding our new clients coming by the booth at #RMUC21.

Tech Tuesday

November 3, 2021
Version 1.00

With a great push, we were happy to present the software at our first Rent Manager Tech Tuesday!

In Pursuit Of Service Excellence through single-source of data in Rent Manager; the 1-hour presentation is available on Rent Manager University to view.

account management

Oct 13, 2021
Version 0.99

Last but not least, we need to have you able to create and log into your own accounts to change default settings, change your billing history, and eventually see dashboards and other KPI’s (more on that later ;).

FIRST, we needed to create the architecture for accounts, as well as set up our eCommerce. That’s what this release is all about.

Once that foundation is created, we can slowly but surely develop our client dashboard experience.

Stay tuned…

Our beta clients "Founders"

Sept 29, 2021
Version 0.98

We’d like to welcome our BETA clients to Aargh Software. We are grateful for your support and your ideas; it’s exciting to see the impact Email2CRM is having on multiple companies!

And, for your patience. Working through your great ideas and watching how you use the software is important as we improve service together.

With this release, we’re confident we can begin scaling with many new clients; time to ramp up our efforts in marketing to officially launch Email2CRM at Tech Tuesday in November and a week later at #RMUC21 in Colorado Springs.

To infinity & beyond!

The Rest of The Email Addresses

Sept 9, 2021
Version 0.970

Well, it’s finally complete. The first time we are seeing the full suite of Email2CRM together. This includes creating/adding to services tickets as well as history / notes on tenants, prospects, owners, vendors, and more.

Here’s the full list for the first time. (where xyz=your corp ID when we customize email addresses for a new client). Ta-da:

  • Email2Ticket
    • 2ticket.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2task.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
  • Email2Tenant
    • 2tenant.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2prospect.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2unit.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
  • Email2Owner
    • 2owner.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2ownerprospect.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2property.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
  • Email2Vendor
    • 2vendor.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2bill.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2po.xyz@aarghsoftware.com
    • 2estimate.xyz@aarghsoftware.com

rent manager integration parter

July 16, 2021
Version 0.951

We’ve joined the Rent Manager Integration Partner Program!  

A great partner and a great program, we’re excited to be able to officially serve Rent Manager clients.

We applaud Rent Manager on their stringent requirements as well as controls of client API’s; it provides great security for partner relationships such as ours.

Building for scale

June 14, 2021
Version 0.95

Understanding that we have to be able to serve many property management companies, with different Rent Manager API’s as well as many different email addresses means we have to re-think our architecture.

With this release, we’ve built the idea of “Queues” into our software. 

Each company will get their customized email addresses. And each email address will have a corresponding “Queue” to go into, where Aargh Software will process the email requests one at a time in a cyclical fashion.

We’ve got the POWER!

Add to An Existing service ticket

May 31, 2021
Version 0.931

In addition to being able to create a service ticket with an email using 2Ticket, people wanted to be able to ADD to an EXISTING service ticket.

We’ve decided to extend the concept of our “Square Bracket Subject Line Codes,” to give users more control over various things they want to take care of.

So, this version release includes:

  • When using 2ticket.xyz@aarghsoftware.com, if you put a Service Issue # in between square brackets, Aargh Software will ADD the information and attachments to an Existing Service ticket. Like this: [7633]

Create Tenant History / Notes

May 13, 2021
Version 0.930

We’re listening! 

In addition to being able to create service tickets from emails with Ticket2Email, Staff at Alpha_Client want to also be able to add a history/note to the tenant in the same manner. So, we created:

  • 2tenant.xyz@aarghsoftware.com

… emails bcc:’d or forwarded to this email address will be added to a tenant’s History/Notes, including attachments. a.k.a. Email2Tenant!

This is the first of many email addresses that we’ll create to add history/notes to various other entities in Rent Manager.

We’ve also figured out that when you FORWARD an email to Rent Manager (using either 2ticket or 2ticket) there HAS to be a way to tell Aargh Software what email address to use. 

“Square Bracket Codes”

So, we created “Square Bracket Subject Line Codes” … i.e. put square brackets in a subject line anywhere, and Aargh Software can interpret that as a special code to instruct it to do something. 

In this case, an email address in the subject line between square brackets, and that’s what Aargh Software will use to direct the email into the correct Tenant’s record in Rent Manager, for e.g.:



143% more usage of service tickets

April 20, 2021
Version 0.920

Since the launch, our Alpha_Client has seen an increase of 143% more service tickets being used in Rent Manager on a monthly basis.

We’ve learned a lot and the system is working well. Beyond expectations!

So … we’ve decided to commercialize this technology to other Rent Manager users that have the same “pain” as Alpha_Client; i.e. having staff work a lot in the Outlook or Gmail inbox without the information getting to Rent Manager.

Aargh Software Inc. is born! With our first product “Email2Ticket.”


January 20, 2021
Version 0.901

Staff at Alpha_Client have been using 2Ticket … a LOT. We’ve found a lot of things to improve and fixed a lot of bugs. Bugs are a natural element of computer software development; we expect ’em, we fix ’em. Did you know the term “bug” was from a moth trapped inside vacuum tubes in an old computer? And, it was found by Grace Hopper, a female pioneer in the early age of computing. Check out the video:

Hello world

December 13, 2020
Version 0.900

The “Alpha” launch of Email2CRM. Only 1 email address was launched:

  • 2ticket.xyz@aarghsoftware.com

which solved the big, tedious, repetitive and chaotic problem of getting email out of staff’s Outlook inbox and into Rent Manager as Service Tickets.

The Alpha_Client of Aargh Software manages 750 properties with ~50 staff in 4 cities.