Web2CRM Create Rent Manager Service Tickets From HTML Forms On Your Website

Aargh's Web2CRM allows you to create Rent Manager service tickets directly from forms on your website.
(in BETA test)

You may have HTML or fillable PDF forms like Bank Pre-Approved Payment (PAP) Forms, Service Requests, Owner Update forms, Intercom/FOB forms, elevator reservation form, tenant undertaking forms, email consent forms, etc… — or even a simple Contact Us form.

With Web2CRM, your residents can go to your website to submit their information directly to Rent Manager as a service ticket for your team to process!

Use the HTML/PHP Forms on your Website to create Service Tickets in Rent Manager

Web2CRM helps you provide Residents with an intuitive web interface for submitting various types of information—including data, files, images, and payments—directly into Rent Manager as a service ticket. 

Utilizing HTML forms on your website, this integration simplifies the submission process to a single click of the [Submit] button.

This not only streamlines communication but also transforms data management, as integrating form data into Rent Manager as service tickets significantly boosts efficiency for numerous resident-related tasks.

"We are in BETA"

Web2CRM is currently in BETA. Which means ... the software is available in limited release for people that have a big need for the software that we can work directly with.

Web2CRM is not available to the public yet.

If you have HTML/PHP forms on your website, or perhaps fillable .PDFS, you may want to get access to a BETA version.
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